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Web Page Publishing

  • Step 1: Choose your web space location
    • You can place your web pages either in web space provided by the college (CHASS) or in web space provided by the university (UNITY).
    • You can access either space on campus or from home via FTP.
  • Step 2: Prepare your web space
    • Prepare your UNITY space using the WWW Setup Tool found in IT Essentials.
    • Read the email sent by CHASS-IT that contains the settings information for your CHASS Web Space.
  • Step 3: Create your home page
    • You use an html editor to create your home page.
    • You can use Contribute software which should be installed on your office computer. You can also use it at home.
    • You can use Dreamweaver if you own the software. Use the dreamweaver settings page.
    • You can use open source software such KompoZer
  • Step 4: Publishing your home page
  • Use these other web page resources for additional information



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