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HA 238 (FLL/CHASSSC supported)

Current News

  • The computer provides a "dual monitor" setup. The main computer desktop appears on the computer monitor in the podium. The projector is the second monitor. When you open applications they will often automatically open in the second monitor (the projector). You can shrink down application windows and drag them from one monitor to the other, allowing you to control what the students see and do not see. Presentations are best made with the presenter standing to the side of the visualizer, with the mouse placed on the closed visualizer cover.
  • See the user guide for HA238 for additional information.

View the Instructional Video on how to use the multimedia podium

Computer Login Instructions

  • At the Novell login prompt use your Social or Unity username and password.

Available Equipment

Pentium IV computer, DVD/CD-ROM, ZIP
Windows XP Operating System
LCD Projector (remote is in the document camera cabinet)
VCR/DVD player, Audio Cassette Player
Lumens Document Camera (User's Manual)

Available Software

Microsoft Office Suite 2000 (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
Real Player, Windows Media Player, iTunes
Internet Explorer, Firefox


  • Doors are unlocked by the first instructor of the day (8:05/8:30 AM) and locked by the last instructor (2:35 or 3:40). Evening instructors should both unlock and lock the classrooms.
  • You should not find the doors unlocked prior to the start of classes each day (unless housekeeping let the students in).


  • Both the new document camera and the computer use the same cable to the projector/monitor. If you have the computer turned on and then turn the document camera on, the document camera signal will override the computer signal. To return to the computer signal, turn the document camera off. (You turn the document camera on and off by holding in the power button for a second or two.)
  • Video
    • Turn the LCD projector on by pressing the POWER button on the remote
    • Click on the INPUT button to select what you want to project:
      Input 1 - Computer or Document Camera
      Input 3 - VCR


    • Turn on the AMPLIFIER, then turn the Master Volume up or down:
      Input 3 - Cassette Tape
      Input 4 - VCR
      Input 5 - Computer
    • Turn OFF the projector, amplifier, VCR, tape deck and computer when you are done
  • Sound from the computer: you must turn on the computer and make sure that the audio is turned up on the computer
  • If you are having difficulty reading text on the monitor, make sure that you are using a resolution of 800x600 (right-click on the desktop and PROPERTIES and SETTINGS) and that you have deselected the WIDE option on the Plasma Screen remote
  • As always, turn off all equipment after you are finished with it, and before closing the podium
  • IP

Status Report

  • 11/2008 - Removed doors on podium and replaced with steel straps
  • 5/2008 - Serviced projector in HA238
  • 8/2007- Serviced projector in HA238
  • 8/2006 - Serviced projector in HA238
  • 8/2005 - Serviced projector in HA238
  • 8/16/2005 - Began upgrade of document cameras
  • 5/09/2005 - Serviced the multimedia podia in HA238 and HA342, removed the NEC scan converter, reconfigured the audio and video wiring scheme
  • 5/09/2005 - Serviced projector in HA238
  • 1/6/2005 - Serviced projector in HA238
  • 8/25/2004 - Wiring re-routed in HA238
  • 7/1/2004 - HA238/HA342 - Computers were upgraded, and login simplified
  • 6/18/03 - HA238 - I disabled the HA238 windows account; everyone using the workstation will need to have an account and login according to the instructions above. Contact me if you need one.
  • 4/10/03 - HA238 - Projector replaced; new projector produces 4100 lumens; picture can now be seen with lights on
  • 4/1/03 - HA238 - The outside breaker had tripped. Physical Operations reset the breaker
  • 3/17/03 - HA238 - Both sides of the multimedia cabinet have power via the outside power strip.
  • 3/13/03 - HA238 - A new projector has been ordered. The bulb should be fine and will almost definitely last until it is replaced.
  • 2/28/03 - HA238 - Some passwords expired, preventing users from logging in using the HA238 windows login. Follow the login instructions above
  • 2/28/03 - HA342 - I have replaced the computer. The new one has Windows 2000. Use your social account to login to the network. HA342 is the username for the computer, w/o password.
  • 2/24/03 - HA238 - There is no power to the multimedia receptacles. Plug the cable inside the left compartment into the power strip running from the left wall.
  • 2/19/03 - HA238 - The computer cable that connects the computer to the projector had been disconnected. It is now reconnected.
  • 2/10/03 - HA238 - The bulb I replaced at the end of November appears to be on its way.
  • 12/01/02 - HA238 - I replaced the bulb in the projector
  • VCR, visualizer, computer and audio are all working in HA238/HA342
  • You can now see the screen with the overhead lights on

Last modified: 25 November, 2008

Comments to: despain@ncsu.edu