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Audacity/LAME Setup for audio recordings

Follow the instructions below to use the open source product Audacity and LAME to make audio recordings ...
  1. Download, save on your Desktop, and then install the open source software Audacity.
  2. Download LAME MP3 Encoder and save it to your Desktop (read the page and follow the instructions exactly).
  3. If the file that you download is a ".dmg" (Mac) or ".exe" (Win) file, then it is ready to be run/installed. If it is a ".zip" file, then it means that it has been compressed. You need to unzip the file and extract the files in the zipped folder.
  4. Follow the instructions found here to download and unzip (if needed) the necessary file, lame_enc.dll.
  5. Consider saving it here: "C:\program files\audacity" (or the corresponding location on the Mac) or another location on your hard drive so that you know where to find it when prompted by Audacity.
  6. Start Audacity and make your recording, clicking on the RED CIRCLE to record and the YELLOW SQUARE to stop your recording, GREEN DIAMOND to play, etc.
  7. To save your recording as an MP3. click on FILE and EXPORT AS MP3. (The first time you do this you will need to help Audacity locate the lame_enc.dll file that you saved in the audacity folder.)
  8. If your recording contains too much "noise" or is too quiet, view this video for helpful suggestions.
  9. If your recording file size is too large, click the options button on the dialog window when you are prompted to name the file (see image below), and reduce the quality setting from 128 kbps down to 16 kpbs. You can also view this video for additional suggestions on settings to adjust before making your recording.Options
  10. If you have a Mac, view this tutorial video for help with Audacity and creating mp3 files.

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