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HA 238 Usage Page

  • The Projector
    • Turn the projector ON by pressing the POWER button on the projector remote once
    • Click on the INPUT button on the projector remote to select what you want to project:
      Input 1 - Computer or Document Camera
      Input 3 - VCR
    • Turn the projector OFF by pressing the POWER button on the projector remote control twice
  • The Monitor
    • If the monitor goes blank, turn the document camera on or off, in order to wake up the monitor
  • The Document Camera
    • Turn the camera on and off by pressing and holding in the power button for several seconds
  • The Computer
    • Turn the computer on using the power button on the computer
    • Login using your SOCIAL or UNITY account information
    • Turn the computer OFF by clicking on START and SHUTDOWN and SHUTDOWN. (Choose LOGOFF only if the instructor that teaches the next class is in the classroom
  • Dual-monitor setup

HA 238 uses a dual-monitor setup—the computer monitor and the projector “monitor”--the projector is treated like a second monitor. Students cannot see what is on the computer monitor. Whatever you want students to see you will need to "drag" those application windows to the extended/second monitor--the projector. Therefore, if you want students to see a browser window, drag that window to the right and past the boundary of the podium monitor and then it will appear on the projector screen. It sounds crazy but it works. You can do the same with PowerPoint presentations, videos, etc. If you want to see how this works, visit Tony in WI 310. He has a dual-monitor setup and can show you how it functions.

Also, the application window you want to drag must be “dragable”. If it is maximized you cannot move the application window around. For example, after you start Firefox/IE Explorer/Netscape, make sure that the window is not maximized. The three icons in the upper-right should look like this:


If it looks like the image below, click on the middle icon.

This allows you to drag application windows between the monitor and the projector.
Try this right now to make sure that you can move windows around the desktop on your computer.

  • Audio
    • Turn on the AMPLIFIER, then turn the Master Volume up or down:
      Input 3 - Cassette Tape
      Input 4 - VCR
      Input 5 - Computer
  • Turn OFF the projector, amplifier, VCR, tape deck and computer when you are done
  • Podium Lockup
    • Lock up the podium after you are done
  • Room Lockup
    • Lock the door after the afternoon AND evening clasS

Last modified: 5 February, 2009

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