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Nvu Setup for Unity Web Space

Follow the instructions below to setup the Nvu web page editor to edit your Unity web space.
  1. Run the WWW setup tool if you have not already done so.
  2. Download, save on your Desktop, and then install Nvu (http://www.nvu.com/)
  3. If on campus in LAU216 or HA302, use WOLF CALL to access your WWW space on your "K drive."
  4. If in other UNITY labs on campus you should automatically have access to your "K drive."
  5. If off campus, click on EDIT SITES and create a new site called "Unity" using these settings. Double-click on the UNITY site (below EDIT SITES) to see what files you have in your space.
  6. You should see your "index.html" page. If you do not see it, run the "WWW setup tool " again as outlined here.
  7. If you are having trouble editing your "index.html" page off-campus, this streaming video might help.
  8. If you are on campus you do not PUBLISH your pages, rather, you simply SAVE the file,

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