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FLL Accessibility Workshop

  1. Video introduction (Scott)
  2. Accessibility hardware and software on campus (Zoraya and Video)
  3. Install a Firefox Accessibility Bar, or Total Validator, or the Web Developer extension to check your pages (Penny)
  4. Use Dreamweaver or Contribute to create/maintain your space (Yvette)
  5. Use the ALT tag for images, including extended descriptions (Tyler)
  6. Wrap your content as needed (Cristina)
  7. Use the TextTranscoder to dynamically create text-only pages (Marie)
  8. Test up to 5 pages of your site with UsableNet's Lift on-line
  9. Add the LIFT extension to Dreamweaver
  10. Check your web pages for CSS and link issues using the FAE tool
  11. Accessible web page specifics
  12. BYUI Accessibility Page

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