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Top of PageDirect Access On Campus - Option 1: FLTC Labs

    1. Go to the FLTC lab or HA362
    2. Double click on the "Unity Drive (k)" icon Unity Drive Icon
    3. Open your WWW directory
    4. Right-click on a file you want to edit, then edit and save the file.
    5. Add image files, etc., to the directory
    6. See here for more help

Top of PageDirect Access On Campus - Option 2: In the Office (Unity)

    1. Note, this is only for PC's running Windows 2000 or XP
    2. Download the necessary files, in zipped format
    3. Unzip the files into your Windows directory
    4. Move the Unity drive icon file to your desktop
    5. Double click on the two ".reg" files to add them to your registry
    6. Reboot your computer
    7. Follow the steps for Option 1: FLTC Labs

Top of PageDirect Access On Campus - Option 3: In the Office (Social)

    1. Double Click on "My Computer" to see all of your computer's resources
    2. Open "p:\home\YourSocialUserName"
    3. Create a directory called "Public_html" (right-click, new, etc.)
    4. Move your Unity web space to your social web space (the Public_html directory) using COPY and PASTE
    5. Leave a file named "index.html" in your Unity web space that directs people to your new social web space:
    6. http://social.chass.ncsu.edu/~SocialUserName/
    7. To edit files, browse to your "p:\home\YourSocialUserName\Public_html" directory, edit your files, then save them; he changes will be immediate.

Top of PageAccess anywhere - Option 1: IE FTP

    1. Ensure that you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or above
    2. Browse to the site below to access your UNITY space: ftp://YourUnityID@ftp.ncsu.edu/www/
    3. Drag the file you want to edit to your desktop
    4. Edit the file
    5. Drag it back to the UNITY space

Top of PageAccess anywhere (PC users)

    1. Download the WS_FTP LE file
    2. Save it to your hard drive, then install it on your computer
    3. See this page for additional help in setting up the software



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