UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology 2004
Electronic Portfolio Development
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Assessing Student Portfolios

red ball Time Limit

    • Minimum of 3 minutes
    • Maximum of 4 minutes

red ball Point System

    • 10 puntos        Creativity (Well beyond minimum expectations, demonstrates original thought)
    • 10 puntos        Quantity (All elements included, sufficient transcription)
    • 10 puntos        Quality (Transcription is accurate, sound is effective, )
    • 10 puntos        Presentation (Formal vs informal, clear vs confusing, organized vs disorganized)
    • 10 puntos        Impact (Did you engage your peers, were they interested or challenged?)

red ball On Time

    • On time, minus 0 points
    • One day, minus 5 points
    • Two days, minus 10 points