UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology 2004
Electronic Portfolio Development
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This presentation focuses on a final project for an undergraduate Spanish phonetics course. The project is assigned step-by-step over the semester, incorporating learning experiences that mirror real-world tasks of the phonologist, including field data collection (voice samples), data analysis and interpretation, preparation and presentation of the data via the web. The final project is an ePortfolio in the form of a web site which includes streaming media, still images, phonetic transcription, etc. The process and product are easily transferred to other academic fields. Participants will learn how to prepare and incorporate audio files into a web-based learning module, how to assign and assess ePortfolios, and the benefits of these technologies in final projects.


1. Assigning the ePortfolio

2. Project Outline and Tools

3. Student Presentation of the Final Product

4. Instructor Assessment

5. Sample ePortfolios

6. Conclusion and Discussion



Scott Despain is Associate Professor of Spanish at NC State University, and Executive Director of the Foreign Languages Technology Center. His research interests include courseware development, distance education, and CALL research.



Surface: Scott Despain, Campus Box 8106, Raleigh, NC 27695-8106, 919-513-2461
Email: despain@social.chass.ncsu.edu
URL: http://sasw.chass.ncsu.edu/fl/faculty/despain/