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Electronic Portfolio Development
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Proyecto #10 (PR-10)

  1. TAREA: Publicar los datos preliminares en cuanto a su presentación final (véase Proyecto #9) en su página principal
  2. ENTREGAR: Envíeme la dirección (url) por correo electrónico
  3. CUANDO: Viernes, 24 de octubre, 5 PM


Step A: Create your web space. (Follow the steps below to create a folder for your web space, and give other users rights to see the contents of that folder. Complete these steps only if you have not created a web page before in your UNITY space.)

    1. Double-click on "My Computer"
    2. Right click on the K drive ("YourUnityName on ...")
    3. Click on "AFS" and choose "Access control lists ..."
    4. Click on " Add"
    5. Under PERMISSIONS, select the "l" for Lookup
    6. In the NAME section, enter "system:anyuser"
    7. Click on OK.
    8. Click on "OK" again.
    9. Double-click on the K Drive
    10. Select FILE and NEW and FOLDER, then name the folder "www"
    11. Right click on the "www" folder you just created
    12. Click on "AFS" and choose "Access control lists ..."
    13. Click on the "system:anyuser" entry you created in step #6
    14. Under PERMISSIONS, select "r" for "Read".
    15. Click on OK.
    16. Click on "OK" again.

Step B: Create a basic home page. (Follow the steps below to copy a template page and save it in your web space to create a home page. Complete thse steps only if you have not created a web page before in your UNITY space.)

    1. Using Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc., browse here to view a sample web page.
    2. Select FILE and SAVE AS and then save the file in your WWW directory you created, with the name "index.html"

Step C: Edit your home page, by pasting your emailed info into your page and saving your changes.

    1. Using your emailer of choice, read your copy of the email you sent to me for project 9
    2. Select/Highlight the country information in the email message
    3. Select EDIT and COPY
    4. Open your WWW directory
    5. Right click on the "index.html" file and choose EDIT
    6. Select EDIT and PASTE to paste in your copied country information
    7. Make other changes to your page as desired
    8. Click on FILE and SAVE

Step D: Browse to your home page and then send me the URL

    1. Your home page is http://www4.ncsu.edu/~YourUnityUserID/
    2. Email me your URL (http://www4.ncsu.edu/~YourUnityUserID/), with "Proyecto 10, LastName-FirstName" as the subject line.

NOTE: Once you have completed steps A & B you can edit your files at home or anywhere:

  1. Using Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, browse to the following URL: ftp://YourUnityID@ftp.ncsu.edu/
  2. Drag the file you want to edit (ie. index.html) from the browser window to your desktop.
  3. Edit the file (right-click and EDIT using Netscape Composer, Dreamweaver, etc.) and then SAVE and CLOSE.
  4. Drag the file back to the browser window, along with any images or image directories created during the edit process.
  5. If you are using a program which supports fpt'ing of files (Dreamweaver, older version of Netscape), the server for your UNITY space is ftp.ncsu.edu and your username is your UnityUserID