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Wimba Users Group (WUG)


  • Voice and Text Chatting, with archiving funtionality
  • Voice Board postings
  • Voice Presentations
  • Voice Assessment

Using Wimba at NC State

  • Wimba is now accessed through WebCT Vista
  • Request your courses through Vista
  • Login to Vista
  • Select your course from your Course List
  • Find the voice tools on the build pane, in the lower left corner, by clicking on "More Tools".
  • Note: Actually, no, there is no Powerlink developed for the Oral Assessment Builder. This is only accessible within the Voice Tools Manager. If you are interested in building Voice Assessments you have two options at this time:
  1. Create a Voice Board and set the threading option to Private Threads. Now each topic that you create within the Voice Board can be a question in the Assessment. When students login to the Board they will see ONLY the questions you have created, but will not see other students responses (because you set Private Threads). The teacher on the other hand will be able to see all students responses when he logs in to the board.
  2. You can also use a third-party assessment tool, and so long as this tool allows you to insert HTML into the questions/ response choices you can embed Voice Recordings by copying the javascript from the Voice Tools Manager (look at the Publishing options for the tool you created)

Wimba Examples

   | Voice E-Mail | FLS101 | Voice Direct | Assessment |

Horizon Wimba Help


Current Wimba Users

Cathy Boatwright
Helga Braunbeck
Phillip Carter

Mark Darhower
Jennifer Despain
Scott Despain
Carolyn Quarterman
Tonya Smith-Holliman
Nancy Swisher

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