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Corel® Presentations™

Key Actions

  1. How do I insert my WP content?
    • Open and copy your content in WordPerfect.
    • Click on the OUTLINER button in Presentations.
    • Paste the content into the outline view
  2. How do I add sound?
    • Use the SLIDE SORTER view
    • Right click on the particular slide and choose SOUND ...
    • Find your sound
    • Choose other settings (loop, etc.)
  3. How do I add pictures?
    • Use the SLIDE EDITOR view
    • Click on INSERT in the file menu
    • Find the image and click OK
    • Move the image around as desired
  4. How do I make those neat transitions?
    • Use the SLIDE SORTER view
    • Right-click on the slide and choose TRANSITION ...
  5. How do I view my slide show?
    • Click on the QUICK PLAY button
    • Use the space bar or a mouse click to advance each slide
    • Click on the ESC key to stop the slide show

Microsoft® PowerPoint™


The corresponding buttons are small, and are found in the lower left portion of the PowerPoint screen:


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