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Question: How can I submit my grades on-line?

To submit your grades on-line:

  • Browse to NC State's home page then choose STUDENT SERVICES and REGISTRATION & RECORDS
  • Click on FACULTY/ADMIN and FACULTY ACCESS  (or click here for the shortcut)
  • Type in your UNITY information to enter the secure area
  • Choose GRADE SUBMISSIONS and then click on one of your sections
  • Follow the instructions:

  • "Select the grade and fill in the optional final exam for the desired student and then hit submit. (Hint: Typing the letter grade prompts the screen to scan the grade list for that grade. If you want to assign a +/- grade, do not type the sign. Instead, type the letter grade again until the desired grade appears. Tab will take you to the next student.)"

More Information from Debora:

IF YOU HAVE GRADUATING STUDENTS-- THEIR GRADES MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE NOON (12:00) on WEDNESDAY MAY 15. GRADUATING STUDENTS are noted with a red star * beside their name. You may submit their grades before you do the remaining students in the class.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING ALL OTHER GRADES - NOON on Thursday, May 16--but remember it is recommended that grades should be submitted within 48 hours of students taking their final exam.

Grades should be submitted on the web. Go to www2.ncsu.edu/ncsu/reg_records/adm_frnt.html

This is the same place you go to check your class rolls.

After you have logged in (using UNITY log in & password), you will choose "GRADE SUBMISSION" and then choose the class.

You do not have to submit all the grades at one time. Grades submitted by 5:00 pm Monday-Friday, will be posted to the student's records that night. Grades posted after 5:00 pm and on weekends will be posted the next business day.

Posted grades will appear the following day on your grade roll. You are encouraged to check your grades the day after you submit them. If you have made a mistake, a grade change form (see Faye) will have to be completed and require Dudley's signature and a CHASS Academic Dean before going to Registration & Records.

Don't forget to print your grades AFTER you have submitted them. This is your record.

ALL FL 298 & FL 498 grades must be given to Faye, so she can submit them.

Contact Debora if you have questions.

Note: You must first click on this page before attempting to print this page.

Comments to: despain@ncsu.edu