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Using the Tandberg ICM

What I Want To Do
How To Do It
1. I want to exclude all of the computers that are not being used by my students ...
  • Group the non-used computers into a separate group
2. I want my students to work with someone else, their choice ...
  • Click on Phone Conversation and then students can call each other
3. I want to show my students a web site ...
  • Click on Teacher Screen and then browse to your page; students see what you see
4. I want my students to work in groups of three to review an assignment ...
  • Click on Pair Discussion  
  • Choose your group to pair, 
  • Click on the number "3"
  • Click on the RANDOM button
5. I want to show a video clip ...
  • Click on the VIdeo Window
  • Select the group that will watch the video
  • Choose VIDEOTAPE as the "programme source"
  • Click on the Class Speaker then turn up the volume using the podium control
  • Control the VCR using the controls
6. I want to show a video clip on the projector ...
  • Turn on your projector by pointing the PROXIMA remote at the projector and clicking on the green button. 
  • Turn off the projector by pointing the remote at the projector and holding down the green button for two seconds. 

7. I want go give an oral test ...

  • Each student runs Divace
  • Play your sound source, show your page, etc.
  • Students click on the "C" of Divace to save their file as an MP3 file in the STUDENT FILES directory. 
  • Transfer those files onto a ZIP diskette.
8. I want to show an overhead, etc., ...
  • Click on
  • Turn the visualizer on
  • Raise the camera arm
  • Select your light source
  • Select VISUALIZER on the Radio Shack switch box
9. Not all students logged off their computers ...
  • Click on Log Off and log them off
  • 10. I want to erase the white board completely ...
    • Use the EXPO towelettes. If the towelette is still damp return it to the container to be used again.

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