FALL 2004




  1. Watch the demonstration ...
  2. If you only have two grades in your course, this is not for you ...
  3. Available options include:
    1. Microsoft's Excel (available on your work computer, purchase for home)
    2. OpenOffice (free)
    3. WordPerfect's Quatro Pro (availabe on your work computer, purchase for home?)
  4. Approaches to using spreadsheets as your gradebook:
    1. Start from scratch ...
    2. Use tutorials and templates
    3. Use this spreadsheet template
  5. Other Help
    1. Converting percent scores to letter grades in Excel: see here
    2. Gradebook formulas


  1. Watch the demonstration ...
  2. Advantages:
    1. Exclusively designed for tracking grades, attendance, etc.
    2. Does all of the math, all of the formulas are built-in
  3. Disadvantages:
    1. DOS program
    2. $20 shareware cost
    3. printing grade reports is a problem
  4. Download a copy here
  5. Save it to your social space
  6. Install the software
  7. Use the online help


  1. Visit the WebCT site
  2. Watch the demonstrations ...


  1. Lets look at three samples:
    1. Electronic Classroom Roll (this is a simple text file in my 101 space)
    2. SECC Donations
    3. FL_505 grades
  2. Spreadsheets allow you to save pages as web pages. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU POST!!!!!
    1. Click on FILE
    2. Click on SAVE AS and WEB PAGE
    3. Etc.
  3. Electronic Classroom Roll
    1. Create your report
    2. Save the report as a txt file in your webspace