Resources for Teaching History

  • Created by Prof. Slatta for HI 885/685, NC State's first teaching history course/workshop for doctoral students, offering briefly in 2016-17. Updated September 27, 2018 The pyramid below indicates why we employ active-learning techniques in the classroom. They promote learning far more effecitvely than lecture or other passive, non-interactive approaches!

    Reference Materials

    Course Handbook[PDF] Discussion Guide PDF Grading Guide PDF
    Other Teaching History Websites Online Primary Sources Importance of Reflection

    Visual Guides to Learning

    Backward Syllabus Design Learning Pyramid Cone of Learning 01 Cone of Learning (Edgar Dale 1969)
    Inquiry Bloom Verbs & Assignments Assessment & Learning Cycle Motivation
    Historical Research Grounded Theory Scientific Method We think, we feel, we do
    Inquiry Learnng Cycle Teacher's Roles Learner's Roles US History Sample Syllabi
    Learning Pyramid