FALL 2004


Initial Information:

  • Wimba server technology allows us to produce Live Chats, Voice Postings, Voice Assessments, Oral presentaions
  • Wimba provides a utility that creates web code that we paste into a page.
  • Wimba will work with WebCT Vista when introduced in Fall 2005
  • If you need help, click on the help button available on each page
  • Run through the tutorial to learn/review how to make the different Wimba "tools"
  • See the NCSU Wimba Users Group for examples and help
  • You control access to your created objects
  • You control audio quality
  • You control whether or not you are contacted (via email) when users post

Wimba Task 1 - Login

  1. Get a Wimba account by emailing Scott
    • Your email address will be your username (i.e. jhdespai@gw.ncsu.edu)
    • Your email username will be your initial password (i.e. jhdespai)
    • The Wimba Login URL is here: http://fltcvid.chass.ncsu.edu:8080/wimba/
  2. Browse to the Wimba Login page to login
  3. You send your students to the login page and direct them to click on "New User" in order to create their own account

Wimba Task 2 - Try Voice Direct (Chat)

  1. Use this component to create chat rooms for pairs of students, groups of students, an entire class, even open to the world
  2. Click here to try Voice Direct

Wimba Task 3 - Create a Voice Board (sample) / Voice Presentation

Students and instructors post their responses to questions, or make formal presentations in verbal rather than written form

  1. Click on "Communication"
  2. Click on "Voice Board and Voice Presentation"
  3. Click on "Administration of your ..."
  4. Click on "New"
  5. Name your Voice Board then click on "Create"

    To adjust your settings ...
  6. Click on "Board Info"
  7. For each page, make changes as needed then click on "Next Page" until all settings are done

Wimba Task 4 - Add the Voice Board to Your Website

  1. From the main Page click on "Communication
  2. Click on "Communication"
  3. Click on "Voice Board and Voice Presentation"
  4. Click on "Administration of your ..."
  5. Click on the EDIT button of the Voice Board you want to edit
  6. Click on "Publish"
  7. Copy the code from the first box into a link on your page, opened in Contribute.
  8. Publish your web page through Contribute
  9. That's it!

Wimba Task 5 - Make more Wimba objects

  1. Go back to your office or go home and create more objects, using Help and this workshop as needed