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Teaching and Research Interests

Tammy S. Gordon is a professor in the History Department at North Carolina State University, where she teaches public history and modern U.S. history. Her research focuses on historical memory and the leisure economy in recent history, and she is the author of two books: Private History in Public: Exhibition and the Settings of Everyday Life (Alta Mira Press, 2010) and The Spirit of 1976: Commerce, Community, and the Politics of Commemoration (University of Massachusetts Press, 2013). Her manuscript, The Mass Production of Memory: Leisure Travel and Personal Archiving in the Age of the Kodak, seeks the relationship between mass photography and the growth of international and domestic heritage tourism from 1888 to 1932 and is currently under review. She is the author of articles on public history, historical memory, and the leisure economy and is the creator and facilitator of the community curated site NC HB2: A Citizens’ History. Her blog, Tammy’s Museum Walkabout, explores issues of curation, visitation, and museological thought. She is a founding member of Historians for a Better Future.

Graduate Advising

Doctoral Advisees:

Petros Apostopolopolous

Troy Burton

Matthew Champagne

Marilyn Drath

Gevorg Vardanyan


  • Ph.D. in American Studies from Michigan State University, 1998