Thomas E. Shriver


Picture of Thomas E. Shriver

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Environmental Sociology
  • Social Movements
  • Environmental Justice
  • Sociology of Health and Illness
  • Political Sociology
  • Inequality

Funded Research

Shriver, Thomas E. (PI). 2014-2017. "Elite Framing of Social Movements." National Science Foundation, $186,449.


Select Journal Articles (see CV for complete list of publications)

Laura Bray, Nicholas Membrez-Weiler, and E. Thomas Shriver. 2021. “Agrochemical Exposure & Environmental Injustice: Legal Repression of Latin American Banana Workers," forthcoming in The Sociological Quarterly.

Shriver, Thomas E., Stefano B. Longo and Alison E. Adams. 2020. "Energy and the Environment: The Treadmill of Production and Sacrifice Zones in Czechoslovakia," forthcoming in the Sociology of Development.

Shriver, Thomas E., Chris Messer, Jared R. Whittington and Alison E. Adams. 2020. "Industrial Pollution and Acquiescence: Living with Chronic Remediation," forthcoming in Environmental Politics.

“Symbolizing Destruction: Environmental Activism, Moral Shocks, and the Coal Industry.” Alison E. Adams, Thomas E. Shriver, and Landen Longest, forthcoming in Nature and Culture

Aysha Bodenhamer and Thomas E. Shriver. 2020. “Environmental Health Advocacy and Industry Obstruction: The Case of Black Lung Disease.” Rural Sociology 85(3): 757-779.

Messer, Chris, Alison E. Adams, and Thomas E. Shriver. 2020. "Living with Chronic Contamination: A Comparative Analysis of Divergent Psychosocial Impacts." Natural Hazards 99(2): 895-911.

Shriver, Thomas E., Alison E. Adams and Laura Bray. 2019. "Political Power and Manufacturing Consent: The Case of the 1953 Plzen Protests." The Sociological Quarterly 60(1): 26-45.

Shriver, Thomas E. and Aysha Bodenhamer. 2018. "The Enduring Legacy of Black Lung: Environmental Health and Illness in Appalachia." Sociology of Health and Illness 40(8): 1361-1375.

Shriver, Thomas E., Laura Bray and Alison E. Adams. 2018. “Legal Repression of Labor Protest: The Case of the 1953 Worker Revolt in Czechoslovakia." Mobilization 23(3): 307-328..

Messer, Chris, Thomas E. Shriver. 2017. "The Legacy of Lead Pollution: (Dis)Trust in Science and the Debate over Superfund." Environmental Politics 26(6): 1132-1151.

Adams, Alison E. and Thomas E. Shriver. 2017. "Tactics and Targets: Explaining Shifts in Grassroots Environmental Resistance." Social Currents 4(3): 265-281.

Adams, Alison E. and Thomas E. Shriver. 2016. "Challenging Extractive Industries: How Political Context and Targets Influence Tactical Choice." Sociological Perspectives 59(4): 892-909.

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Shriver, Thomas E., Alison E. Adams, and Sherry Cable. 2013. “Discursive Obstruction and the Repression of Dissent: The Social Control of Environmental Activism in the Czech Republic.” Social Forces 91(3): 873-893.

Shriver, Thomas E., Alison E. Adams, and Rachel Einwohner. 2013. “Motherhood and Opportunities for Activism Before and After the Czech Velvet Revolution.” Mobilization 18(3): 267-288.

Shriver, Thomas E. and Alison E. Adams. 2013. “Collective Identity and the Subjective Terrain of Political Opportunities: Movement Dissension Surrounding Participation in Party Politics.” Mobilization 18(1): 489-506.

Messer, Chris, Alison E. Adams, and Thomas E. Shriver. 2012. “When Corporate Framing Fails: The Erosion of Elite Legitimacy.  The Sociological Quarterly 53(3): 475-499. 

Shriver, Thomas E. and Alison E. Adams. 2010. “Cycles of Repression and Tactical Innovation: The Evolution of Environmental Dissidence in Communist Czechoslovakia.” The Sociological Quarterly 51:329-354.

Shriver, Thomas E. and Gary R. Webb. 2009. “Rethinking the Scope of Environmental Justice: Perceptions of Health Hazards in a Rural Native American Community Exposed to Carbon Black.” Rural Sociology 74(2) 270-292.

Cable, Sherry, Thomas E. Shriver, and Tamara Mix. 2008. “Risk Society and Contested Illness: The Case of Oak Ridge Nuclear Workers.” American Sociological Review 73(3):380-401.


  • Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • M.A. in Sociology from University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • B.A. in Sociology from Western Kentucky University