Dr Sepideh Saeedi-Arcangeli

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Teaching Assistant Professor


Sepideh Saeedi received her B.A and M.A. in archeology from the University of Tehran. Her master’s thesis  investigated the application of the micro-archeological analysis method in archaeological excavations with two case studies of Toll-e Bashi and Tappeh Rahmat abad from the Fars province In Iran. During her times at the University of Tehran she served as an Instructor of Record and field supervisor during training excavation seasons. She holds a Ph.D from the department of anthropology at the State University of New York at Binghamton. Her doctoral dissertation was a comparative study and studied the process of community constitution in multiple sites on the Iranian plateau during the end of the third millennium BCE when the earliest and only partially deciphered Iranian writing system was invented and used. This research focused on the application of Practice Theory as well as Communicative Action Theory in investigating the past communities. She has done  archaeological fieldwork both in Iran and the United States and has published articles and presented papers in international conferences on archaeological and anthropological topics. 

Teaching and Research Interests

Anthropological archaeology, Near Eastern archaeology, Prehistory of the Iranian Plateau, Gender relations in prehistoric communities, The process of community formation in the prehistory, Daily practices of the past, Micro- archaeology, Data curation


The reinvestigation project of Tappeh Sofalin in Varamin, Iran.



2016     Cultural diversity on the Iranian Plateau during the early writing and Urbanization, Fifth International Young Archaeologist Conference, Tehran University, 22-24 October 2015

2016    Ethics in Contemporary Iranian Archaeology, Pastanpazhuhi 17, pp.35-45 (In Persian)

2015    Are we all archaeologists? An Iranian Perspective, Journal of Contemporary Archaeology, 2/2/. 

2014    Women and the future of the Iranian     archaeology,Pastanpazhuhi 16, p.10. (In Persian)

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2010   Microdebris analysis. In The 2003 Excavations at Toll-e Bashi, Iran: Social Life in a Neolithic Village, edited by Susan Pollock, Reinhard Bernbeck, and Kamyar Abdi, pp. 246-255. Archeölogie in Iran und Turan 10. Mainz: Philipp von Zabern.

2006   The usage of micro-debris analysis in studying archaeological   remains, two case studies in Iran Tappeh Rahmat abad and Toll-e Bashi, with Hasan Fazeli and Reinhard Bernbeck, Bastanshenasi 3, pp.32-47. (In Persian)

2004   The impact of Islamic Philosophy on the Iranian religious      architecture, Masjed Magazine Vols. 37 and 38, pp.110-121, Tehran, Iran. (In Persian)

2001   Luristan Bronzes and Mithraism, New View Quarterly 18, pp.58- 61, Shahid Beheshti University Press, Tehran, Iran. (In Persian)

Articles In Preparation    

The enigma of blank tablets in the Proro-Elamite Iran.

Community life on the Iranian plateau during the dawn of writing age.

Traces of a third gender in the Marlik cemetery in Northern Iran. 


  • PhD in Anthroplogy from Binghamton University, 2015
  • MA in Archaeology from The University of Tehran, 2007
  • BA in Archaeology from The University of Tehran, 2003