Dr Stacy De Coster


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Stacy De Coster is a Professor of Sociology and a member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers. She is a first-generation college graduate who recieved her BA from St. Norbert College on a Presidential Scholarship. She received her PhD in sociology at the University of Iowa, where she specialized in criminology and the sociology of mental health. 

Dr. De Coster's research synthesizes criminological theories and research with insights from a wide variety of sub-disciplines in sociology to address core substantive and theoretical issues. Her main streams of research focus on: (1) elaborating theories of crime to understand patterns of offending across gender, race, poverty, and intersections of inequalities; (2) broadening criminological theories by considering their application to diverse phenomenon, including mental health and sexual harassment; and (3) elaborating criminological theories to understand the conditions and processes through which communities, families, and peers influence adolescent identities, emotions, well-being, and behaviors. Her research has been published in top criminology journals (Criminology, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, Justice Quarterly, and Theoretical Criminology), sociology journals (Sociological Perspectives, Sociological Quarterly, and Work and Occupations), interdisciplinary journals (Youth & Society and Journal of Youth and Adolescence), and book volumes and series. 

Teaching and Research Interests

Crime and Social Control; Sociology of Mental Health; Inequality: Gender, Race, Class, and Intersecting Inequalities; Social Psychology; Sociology of Family


Selected examples (for full list see vitae):

Inequalities (Gender, Race, Poverty, Intersectionalities) and Offending:

Family Inequalities, Family Processes, and Offending:

Mental Health, Emotions, Identities, and Delinquency:


  • Professor of Sociology and Criminology
  • Crime, Law, and Social Control Area Coordinator
  • Criminology, Editorial Board 
  • Social Currents, Editorial Board
  • Society & Mental Health, Editorial Board


  • Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Iowa
  • M.A. in Sociology from University of Iowa
  • B.A. in Sociology and Philosophy from Saint Norbert College