Updated: 03/14/2020 Innovate or die says the business adage, and likewise universities and professors need to adapt to changing demands and offer new services. In the 1980s, I wrote pioneering articles on what would come to be termed "the scholarship of teaching and learning." Iin 1998 I created NC State's first online history course, HI 216-601 (Latin America since 1826), that I taught for 20 years. I began phased retirement (teaching half-time online) on July 1, 2016, ending with final retirement on 30 June 2019. Many people and institutions have helped me over the years, so
A big, hearty thanks gracias to: Slatta lecturing in cowboy gear
  • Students in HI 216, both classroom and online, for their helpful suggestions over the years.
  • Jade Spence, Tracy (Wiley) Beckley, Billee Jo Hefe, and others at Great River Learning for their expertise and technical support to create and maintain Latin America: An Interactive History Lab (2016).
  • I've added experiential learning to my bag of tricks, teaching Study Abroad in London for 3 years and assisting with FYI in Prague (2016). Thanks to the Study Abroad Office for their support.
  • NCSU's First Year Inquiry Program [which I directed through June 2016] provided me with hardware, software, supplies and other assistance since 2005. As Dean of the Division of Undergraduate and Academic Programs and as a friend and colleague, the late Dr. John Ambrose rendered invaluable leadership to the First Year Inquiry Program. First Year Inquiry instructors generously shared advice at our monthly workshops.
  • NCSU's DELTA (Distance Education) program provided financial support for course development in 2002 and ongoing assistance ever since. In 2014 Ms Yaxin Zheng and Mr Daniel Davis of DELTA provided an extremely detailed and helpful review to improve HI 216 online.
  • Doug Wellman, Virginia Lee, and the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning gave grant support to improve my courses during the 2001-02 school year. Since that office closed, Betsy Brown [now retired] and the Office of Faculty Development have been helpful.
  • Deanna Dannels and Chris Anson of the Campus Writing and Speaking Program, conducted an excellent series of workshops during the spring 2001 semester and after.
  • My good friend the late Lewis Dibble proofed everything on the original HI 216 site [1998-99] from logic and clarity to typos!
  • My sister Luann outfitted me with some great cowboy shirts! Thanks Lu!
  • History colleagues and other scholars sharied their knowledge through books, articles, conferences, and the Internet.
  • Early in my career, I benefited from support for research in Latin America, the US, and Canada, from the Tinker Foundation, Social Science Research Council, and Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Program.
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