More Latin American Press Links

Newspapers in Spanish or Portuguese and US-Based

Links to Additional Latin American Newspapers

  1. Extensive links to Latin American Press, mostly in Spanish or Portuguese provided by ECLA, UN Economic Commission for Latin America
  2. Internet Public Library Links to World Newspapers
  3. More Links to Latin American Newspapers
  4. Yet More Links to Latin American Newspapers
  5. Still more Links (by country) to Latin American Newspapers
  6. Caribbean News Agency Also has links for music and culture
  7. Current News Stories about the Americas from the Pacific News Service
  8. South America Daily
  9. Mundi Noticias: Long List of Newspaper Links

US Newspapers with Latin American Coverage

Note: These sources are NOT acceptable for Current Events Reports. They might be useful for group projects, background context, or other activities.

  1. New York Times
  2. Miami Herald
  3. Los Angeles Times
  4. Houston Chronicle
  5. Washington Post
  6. News and Observer (Raleigh)
  7. Charlotte Observer
  8. LatinoLinks Sites with News and Information on the large Latino population in the United States