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Research Sites for Latin American History

Created and Maintained by Richard W. Slatta

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Students: Use the links below to research thought questions and other projects for your history courses. Your syllabus will include references to the topics listed below. I have marked particularly important finding aides with two asterisks. Use your Edit/Find in Page command to search for ** and you will locate those electronic tools that are especially useful. Please email me if you find other good research links or "broken links" that no longer function. Gracias. Suerte! [Good luck!]
  1. References Works for Latin American History
  2. Includes LA Press Links to Online Newspapers
  3. Search Engines and General History Sites
  4. General Help with Historical Research and Writing
  5. AcademicInfo Latin American & Caribbean History Links

    Course-related Sites for HI 215, 216, 453, 469
  6. Pre-Columbian & Colonial Latin America: HI 215
  7. Latin America Since 1826: HI 216 [HI 469 Students, see Items under Revolutions]
  8. Independence Era, 1810-1826
  9. Revolutions [HI 469] : Mexico [1910-20 and Zapatistas of the 1990s]; Bolivia, 1952; Cuban and Central American Revolutions: Ernesto "Che" Guevara; Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia; Liberation Theology in Latin America (Religious Perspectives on Revolution)
  10. Environmental/ Ecological Issues [Rain Forest Preservation]
  11. Human Rights: Documents, Issues and Organizations
  12. Drug Trafficking
  13. Travel and General Information
  14. Rigoberta Mench˙ Tum and the Maya Today
  15. Latin American Culture: Music, Dance, Art, Literature, Cinema
  16. Current Events in Latin America
  17. Latinos: Hispanics in the US
  18. Latin American Cuisine (Yeah, that means food!)
  19. US-Latin American Relations: HI 453
  20. End of the Research Sites Page

push pin< Reference Works for Latin American History
Essential Finding Aids and Search Engines
  1. At the bottom of the page, see the Specialized Search Engines and Bibliographical Tools for Resaeraching Latin American History and Culture
  2. ** Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) Extensive links and information from the University of Texas at Austin
  3. Academic Info Net Latin American History Links
  4. Political Database of the Americas Wide-ranging information on the political process, parties, constitutions, and more
  5. Latin American Database
  6. Latin American Studies Association
  7. ** H-LatAm Discussion Group You can do keyword searches of these online discussion threads.
    push pin Latin America since 1826: HI 216
    Independence Era, 1810-1826
  8. Time Line of Latin American History, 1800-1998
    Environmental/ Ecological Issues [Rain Forest Preservation]
  9. Orchid Online Bibliography for Environmental History of Latin America: Stanford University Includes references to both printed and online sources. [Orchids and other beautiful plants grace many Latin American rain forests. They could be profitable items for export as long as the forests are not cut down.]
  10. Links to major environmental organizations worldwide
  11. Parks Watch Duke University
  12. Rain Tree Group: Rain Forest Facts 
  13. Rain Forests: Diversity and Destruction  
  14. Terra: Brazil's Landless Movement
  15. Tierra America: Environmental and Human Rights Issues
  16. Latin Research Action Network: Land and Environmental Issues
  17. United Nations Environment Program, Latin America and the Caribbean
  18. Amazon Watch
  19. Amazon Alliance for Indigenous and Traditional Peoples of the Amazon Basin
  20. Papers and Links on Various Latin American Environmental History Topics Wabash College
  21. Costa Rican Rain Forest
  22. Conservation International
  23. Rainforest Analysis and Links
  24. University of Texas Links to Environmental History
  25. United Nations [Use their search engine]
  26. Linkages: International Institute for Sustainable Development
  27. Rain Forests in Costa Rica (Cocori)
  28. Rain Forests
    Thanks to Erin Sills, NCSU Forestry Dept., for suggesting the following links:
    Brazilian sites
  29. IMAZON (NGO, non-governmental organization) In Portuguese
  30. IBAMA (government agency) In Portuguese
  31. Amazonia.org In English
    Research institutions
  32. Woods Hole Reseach Center
  33. CIFOR, Center for International Forestry Research
  34. LBA, Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia Also available in Spanish and Portuguese
  35. United Nations Sustainable Development: Forests
  36. FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization Forestry Program
  37. ITTO, International Tropical Timber Organization
    Funding agencies
  38. CIDA, Canadian International Development Agency Forestry Advisers Network
  39. World Resources Institute Forest Frontiers Initiative
  40. Protecting Coral Reefs from Destruction In addition to links on preserving our underwater resources, you'll find links to Slatta Snorkeling sites in the Caribbean.
  41. Additional Links to dozens of environmental organizations
    Drug Trafficking Issues and Policies
  42. "Time to End the Drug War" (CATO Institute)
  43. Lindesmith Center "a large and diverse online library of full-text drug and drug policy-related documents. This collection can be searched in the Subject Index." NOTE: Many of our newer entries have been converted to PDF format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.
  44. High Times: Pro-legalization Views
  45. White House Office of National Drug Control Policy
    General Information,Traveling in Latin America
  46. What is an El Ni˝o?
    Rigoberta Mench˙ Tum and the Struggle of the Maya Today
  47. Rigoberta Menchu, 1992 Interview (shortly before she won the Nobel Peace Prize
  48. Indigenous Rights in Latin America
  49. Women's Rights in Latin America
    Latin American Culture: Music, Dance, Art, Literature, Cinema
  50. LANIC Links Go to the topical menu and click on art, food, music, cinema, literature, or performing arts
  51. Salsa Carolina Learn the Merengue, Punta, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Reggae and Soca at local clubs.
  52. Diego Rivera: Art and Revolution
  53. Mexico's Days of the Dead (Dias de los Muertos)
  54. Mexican Holidays Read about Mexico's holidays (Carnaval-- five days before Ash Wednesday, Semana Santa--Holy Week, Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day--Sept. 16, Day of the Dead--Nov. 1-2, Day of the Revolution--Nov. 20)
  55. Family Ties in Latin American Fiction, 1989 Volume III, Yale Univ.
  56. Women Writers in Latin America, 2000 Volume I, Yale Univ.
  57. Society and Literature in Latin America, 1982 Volume V, Yale Univ.
  58. Twentieth Century Latin American Writing, 1997 Volume I, Yale Univ.
  59. Art and Identity in Mexico, from the Olmec to Modern Times, 1999 Volume II, Yale Univ.
    Current Events in Latin America
  60. Latin American and US Newspapers that cover regional events
    Latinos: Hispanics in the US
  61. Latinos: Hispanics in the US
  62. Slatta's Latino Links NC and National Sites with information on the growing Latino/Hispanic population
    Latin American Cuisine (Yeah, that means food!)
  63. Entrada: The Cuisines of Latin America
  64. Frontera Kitchens: Mexico's Cuisine with Rick Bayless
  65. Latin American Recipes Low-fat recipies published by the National Cancer Insitute, U.S. Department of Health and Social Services (NIH Publication No. 95-3906(s), January 1995)
  66. La Olla Latinoamericana: Recipes from Latin America by Melissa Biggs

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