Doctoral Study in History: Why? How? Where?

  1. American Historical Association Guide to History Doctoral Programs
  2. History as a Career Tons of links on all aspects of being a student of history or a history professional
  3. So you'd like to... be a Historian
  4. list of suggested books by David and Amy Orinski, History Graduate Students
  5. UNC History Graduate Program: Professional Resources and Links
  6. A GUIDE TO APPLYING TO DO GRADUATE WORK IN INTELLECTUAL HISTORY AT VIRGINIA First compiled by Allan Megill, with the assistance of Kevin Burnett, in 1989 at the University of Iowa. It has particular reference to the University of Virginia, but many of my comments have a wider reference as well.
  7. Wide-ranging Advice from the National Assoication of Graduate-Professional-Students
  8. How to Get the Mentoring You Want: A Guide for Graduate Students at a Diverse University PDF * Univ. of Michigan
  9. Enhancing the Academic Environment for Doctoral Students PDF * Univ. of Michigan
  10. The Responsive PhD Initiative
  11. Woodrow Wilson Center
  12. Re-envisioning the Ph.D. Project University of Washington
  13. Doctoral Education: Preparing for the Future PDF * (1997) by Jules B. LaPidus, president, Council of Graduate Students
  14. Graduate Education--How the U.S. System Works
  15. Association of American Universities
  16. Committee on Graduate Education Report and RecommendationsAssociation of American Universities, October 1998