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Assignment I
Informally discuss the meaning of feminism with at least five people. Make sure to ask them if they are a feminist, why or why not, and what do they think of when they hear the term. How did people respond? Why do you think that people reacted as they did? What did these conversations help you learn about perceptions and reality of feminism in America? 6 pages maximum.

Grading Criteria
The paper should contain an appropriately detailed (but not overly detailed) summary of your conversations. That is, I want a pretty good idea of what each person had to say, but you need to leave plenty of room for analysis and interpretation. Where it is approriate, discuss features of the person's background and the conversation which may help to explain the views. Your paper would likely benefit from talking to people who come from a variety of backgrounds rather than a homogenous group. Most importantly, I am looking for your analyses and insights into these conversations in light of what you have learned in this class. No outside research or works cited page is expected for this particular assignment. Though the main focus of grading is on the substance of your paper, to receive the highest grade the paper should be well written and have few if any typographical or grammatical errors. Papers will be downgraded to the degree that they fail to meet these standards.

Additional Notes: I want your thoughts and perspectives in this paper. Think of the conversations as raw data; I am interested in how you interpret this data in the context of what you have learned in this class. Also, since I want your interpretation, there's no reason not to use first person in the essay.

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