David Henry Greene (11/2/99)
Alexander Luke Greene (6/10/02)
van James Greene (1/21/06)

April through November 2008

Amazingly, this picture came about pretty naturally

Alex riding a train


I suspect some day Evan will hate me for posting this picture, but it is too cute (especially the thumb in the diaper)

Evan carrying sea turtles at Topsail Beach


Me and Indiana Jones


Dr. Alex, Dr. Evan, & Indy

Dr. Evan & Indy

The whole family at Topsail Beach


Evan in the pumpkin patch


Evan in a bucket

Evan making a sand angel

Alex relaxing on the beach


No, I did not dig this whole (though I wish I had)

Whole family in the pumpkin patch


Learn about Alex and Tuberous Sclerosis

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