David Henry Greene (11/2/99)
Alexander Luke Greene (6/10/02)
van James Greene (1/21/06)
Sarah Marie Greene (11/22/10)

December 2011 through December 2012







Evan was kind enough to share his Christmas shark with Sarh


Kim and Alex in the barn at Mammah's

Evan on Christmas

David on the train at Hill Ridge Farms


Sarah at Carolina Hemlocks Park


Sarah overlooking Topsail Sound on Topsail Island, NC


David and Evan at Carolina Hemlocks


Sarah in the leaves in Papa and Granda's yard in Burnsville, NC


Alex on the pier, Topsail Island, NC


Sarah on the path near Linville Gorge, NC

David wearing my David Villa jersey

Bottoms up!


I just love this one (Topsail Island Soundside park)

Evan showing off his Kindergarten awards with his teacher


Sarah at Topsail Island

David and Mr. Moon at the Asheville Tourists game


Alex and Grandma on Christmas


Alex relaxing in Burnsville

Learn about Alex and Tuberous Sclerosis

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