Sylvia Bailey



Sylvia Bailey is a public history PhD-candidate at the North Carolina State University. Her dissertation research focuses on national museums that fulfill the function of performative embodiments of the nation-state, and play an essential role in the construction of national identities. Aspects leading her analysis are transnational influences in regard to the conceptual use of interpretation, visual rhetoric, spatiality, and national narratives.

Since coming to the North Carolina State University she has been teaching classes in Early American History (HI253) and Modern American History (HI 254) which built on her experience from her dual Master in American History and Cultural Anthropology (specializing on Ancient America) from the University of Cologne, Germany. In the fall semester of 2019 she teaches the Methodology Sophomore Seminar (HI300)

In the summer of 2019, she was a fellow of the Humanities Without Walls Fellowship in Chicago which enabled her to explore the field of career diversity and how to apply the Humanities beyond academia. 


  • M.A. in American History and Cultural Anthropology from University of Cologne, Germany, 2008
  • PhD-Candidate in Public History from North Carolina State, 2018