Prof Patricia L McCall

Emeritus Professor

Picture of Prof Patricia L McCall

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Cross-National European Homicide
  • Crime and Social Control (Structural Explanations of Criminal Offending, Modeling Criminal Careers)
  • Social Statistics and Research Methods (Regression Analysis, Time Series Analysis)
  • Social Gerontology (Demography of Aging, Suicide Among the Elderly)
  • Demography (Demographic Methods, Mortality)


  • Dollar, Cindy Brooks, Patricia L. McCall, Kenneth C. Land and Joshua Fink. Forthcoming. “Age Structure and Neighborhood Homicide: Testing and Extending the Differential Institutional Engagement Hypothesis” Homicide Studies.
  • Parker, Karen F., Richard Stansfield, and Patricia L. McCall. 2016. “Temporal Changes in Racial Violence, 1980 to 2006: A Latent Trajectory Approach.” Journal of Criminal Justice 47:1-11.
  • Thames, Kelly M., and Patricia L. McCall. 2014. “A Longitudinal Examination of the Effects of Social Support on Homicide across European Regions.” International Journal of Conflict and Violence 8(2):243-261.
  • McCall, Patricia L., and Jonathan Brauer. 2014. "Longitudinal Analyses of Violent Crime in the European Union." Social Science Research 48:90-107.
  • McCall, Patricia L., Kenneth C. Land, Cindy B. Dollar and Karen F. Parker. 2013. “The Age Structure-Crime Rate Relationship: Solving a Long-Standing Puzzle.” Journal of Quantitative Criminology 29(2):167-190.
  • McCall, Patricia L., Kenneth C. Land, and Karen F. Parker. 2011. “Heterogeneity in the Rise and Decline of City-Level Homicide Rates, 1976-2005: A Latent Trajectory Analysis.” Social Science Research 40(1):363-378.
  • McCall, Patricia L., Kenneth C. Land, and Karen F. Parker. 2010. “What Do We Know about the Structural Covariates of Homicide Rates?: A Return to a Classic Twenty Years Later.” Homicide Studies 14(3):219-243.
  • McCall, Patricia L., Karen F. Parker and John M. MacDonald. 2008. “The Dynamic Relationship between Social, Economic, and Political Factors and Homicide Rates from 1970 to 2000.” Social Science Research 37(3):721-735.
  • McCall, Patricia L. and Charles R. Tittle. 2007. “Population Size and Suicide in U.S. Cities: A Static and Dynamic Exploration.” Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior 37(5):553-564.
  • McCall, Patricia L. and Paul Nieuwbeerta. 2007.  “Structural Covariates of Homicide: A Cross-National City Analysis.” Homicide Studies 11(3):167-188.


  • Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Texas at Austin
  • M.A. in Sociology from University of Texas at Arlington
  • A.B. in Soc Science concentration in Psych from Wheaton College