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Mark T. Nance (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison) is currently a Fulbright Schuman scholar and visiting research fellow in the Quality of Government Institute in the Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He is an Associate Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs at North Carolina State University, where he teaches courses in international relations and comparative politics. He also is a senior research fellow and adjunct professor of law at the Financial Integrity Institute at Case Wetern Reserve's School of Law. His research focuses generally on the politics of the economy, including mechanisms of global governance, efforts to govern illicit markets, and the response to economic crises. While in Sweden he is analyzing how various groups in Sweden, Germany, and the European Union responded to crises in the automobile industry in the wake of the Great Recession. He is editor of a special edition on the Financial Action Task Force and the international anti-money laundering regime. He is co-editor of a special issue of Energy Research and Social Science on the security implications of global energy production, as well as a volume on maritime piracy (Maritime Piracy and the Construction of Global Governance, Routledge 2012). He has conducted field work in six countries and has led study abroad programs in Spain, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Brazil. He also serves on the board of Common Cause North Carolina. 

Teaching and Research Interests

Global Governance, International Political Economy, International Organization, International Finance and Regulation, European Politics, Maritime Piracy, Economics and Public Opinion


Crisis Capitalism? Bailing out the automobile industry--and autoworkers--in Sweden, Germany and the United States

Security Cooperation and UNSCR 1540 (with B. Early and P. Cottrell)

Tracking State Failure: machine learning and state performance (w/NCSU's Laboratory for Analytic Sciences)

Extension and Community Engagement

Board member, Common Cause North Carolina


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  • Ph.D. in International Relations from University of Wisconsin-Madison