Dr Maxine S Thompson

Emeritus Associate Professor

Picture of Dr Maxine S Thompson

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Mental Health: Caregivers of Person with Severe Persistent Mental Illness
  • Social Inequality: Race and Gender
  • Aging (focusing on relationship between aged persons and their adult children)
  • Social Psychology: Coping, Self-esteem, Self-Efficacy


  • Thompson, Maxine. 2007. “Violence and the Costs of Caring for Family Member with Severe Mental Illness.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 48:318-333.
  • Thompson, Maxine, Melvin Thomas and Rachel Head*. 2012. “Race, Socioeconomic Status, Self Esteem: The Impact of Religiosity.” Sociological Spectrum 32(5): 385-405.
  • Thompson, Maxine and V. Keith. 2001. “The Blacker the Berry: Gender Differences in Skin Tone Effects and Self Esteem and Self Efficacy.” Gender & Society 15(3):336-357.
  • Thompson, Maxine, Doris Entwisle, and Karl Alexander.  1992. “The Influence of Family Composition on Children’s conformity to the Student Role.” American Educational Research Journal 29(2): 405-424.
  • Alexander, Karl, D.R. Entwisle and M.S. Thompson. 1987. “School Performance, Status Relations, and the Structure of Sentiment: Bringing the Teacher Back In.” American Sociological Review 52(5):665-682.


  • Ph.D. in Sociology from University of Wisconsin
  • M.A. in Sociology from Memphis State University
  • B.A. in Sociology from Memphis State University