Inma Navarro


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I was born in Seville, Spain. I studied English Philology at the University of Seville and Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg and Karlsruhe in Germany.  From Germany I moved to the U.S to work as a teaching assistant at Hendrix College in Arkansas. From Arkansas I moved to North Carolina where I taught High-School Spanish for two years . However my desire to learn more about languages and how they are taught brought me to Indiana University where I completed a double Masters in Hispanic Linguistics and TESOL. After living in Germany for three years I am back in North Carolina and loving NC State. My passion for linguistics and foreign language teaching methods are shown in the classes that I teaches regularly; Spanish 201 and Spanish Phonetics.

This year I am excited to teach for the second time Spanish to Heritage Speakers in order to accommodate  native and heritage learners who grew up speaking Spanish and English.  I am very proud of taking this initiative here at NC State and I hope that we can continue expanding the Spanish program for these learners and the importance of bilingualism, languages in contact and the Spanish Heritage here in NC and in the United States. 

Teaching and Research Interests

Second Language Teaching Sociolinguistics


Manuel Díaz-Campos and Inmaculada Navarro-Galisteo. Perceptual Categorization of Dialect Variation in Spanish. 2009. In J. Collentine, M. García, B. Lafford and M. Marí (Eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 11th Hispanic Linguistics Symposium. Massachusetts: Cascadilla Press, pp 179- 195.


Undergraduate Advisor


  • M.A in Hispanic Linguistics from Indiana University
  • M.A in TESOL and Applied Linguistics from Indiana University