Dr Martha Crowley

Associate Professor

Picture of Dr Martha Crowley

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Stratification
  • Work / Organizations
  • Education
  • Demography
  • Spatial Inequality


Select Journal Articles:
  • Crowley, Martha and Pete Knepper. “Strangers in Their Hometown:  Demographic Change and Community Engagement in New Latino Destinations” Social Science Research, forthcoming.
  • Crowley, Martha and Kevin Stainback. “Retail Sector Concentration, Local Economic Structure, and Community Well-being.” Annual Review of Sociology, forthcoming.
  • Crowley, Martha.  2016.  “Neoliberalism, Managerial Citizenship Behaviors and Firm Fiscal Performance.”  Research in the Sociology of Work 28:213-232.
  • Crowley, Martha, Daniel T. Lichter and Richard N. Turner.  2015.  “Diverging Fortunes?  Economic Well-being of Latinos and African Americans in New Rural Destinations.”  Social Science Research 51 (May):77-92.
  • Crowley, Martha.  2014.  “Class, Control and Relational Indignity:  Labor Process Foundations for Workplace Humiliation, Conflict and Shame.” American Behavioral Scientist 58 (3):416–434.
  • Crowley, Martha and Randy Hodson.  2014.  “Neoliberalism at Work.”  Social Currents 1 (1):91-108
  • Crowley, Martha, Julianne C. Payne, and Earl Kennedy.  2014.  “Working Better Together?:  Empowerment, Panopticon and Conflict Approaches to Teamwork.”  Economic and Industrial Democracy 35 (3): 483-506.
  • Crowley, Martha.  2013.  “Gender, the Labor Process and Dignity at Work.”  Social Forces 91 (4): 1209-1238.
  • Crowley, Martha.  2012.  “Control and Dignity in Professional, Manual and Service-Sector Employment.” Organization Studies 33 (10):1383-1406.
  • Crowley, Martha, Daniel Tope, Lindsey Joyce Chamberlain, and Randy Hodson.  2010.  “Neo-Taylorism at Work:  Occupational Change in the Post-Fordist Era.”  Social Problems 57:421-447.
  • Crowley, Martha and Daniel T. Lichter.  2009.  “Social Disorganization in New Latino Destinations?”  Rural Sociology 74(4):573-604.
  • Chamberlain, Lindsey Joyce, Martha Crowley, Daniel Tope, and Randy Hodson.  2008.  “Sexual Harassment in Organizational Context.”  Work and Occupations 35 (3):262-295.
  • Roscigno, Vincent J., Donald Tomaskovic-Devey, and Martha Crowley.  2006.  “Education and the Inequalities of Place.”  Social Forces 84 (4):2121-2145.
  • Crowley, Martha, Daniel T. Lichter, and Zhenchao Qian.  2006.  “Beyond Gateway Cities:  Economic Restructuring and Changing Poverty Among Mexican Immigrants.”  Family Relations 55 (3):345-360.
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  • Lichter, Daniel T. and Martha Crowley.  2004.  “Welfare Reform and Child Poverty:  Effects of Maternal Employment, Marriage, and Cohabitation.”  Social Science Research 33 (3):385-408.
  • Lichter, Daniel T. and Martha Crowley.  2002.  “Poverty in America:  Beyond Welfare Reform.”  Population Bulletin 57  (June).  Washington DC:  Population Reference Bureau.
  • Roscigno, Vincent J. and Martha Crowley.  2001.  "Rurality, Institutional Disadvantage, and Achievement/Attainment." Rural Sociology 66 (2):268-293. 


  • Ph.D. in Sociology from The Ohio State University
  • M.A. in Sociology from The Ohio State University
  • B.A. in Sociology from The University of Missouri - Columbia