Monte H Hampton

Assistant Teaching Professor

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Teaching and Research Interests

My primary areas of interest include the history of American religion, the history of science, the science/religion relationship, and the history of the American South.


I am currently at work on an chapter in a forthcoming book, to be published by Johns Hopkins University Press, entitled The Idea that Wouldn't Die.  This volume will deal with the curious persistence of the "conflict thesis," the notion that science and religion are in a sort of essentialist, eternal conflict.  Though this idea has been thoroughly debunked by historians of science and religion, it persists in the wider culture, so this book explores the origins, nature, and persistence of this idea.  My chapter will deal with the relationship between science and religion in America during the first three generations of the nineteenth century.


Most Recent Publications:

Regina D. Sullivan and Monte Harrell Hampton, editors, Varieties of Southern Religious History: Essays in Honor of Donald G. Mathews, University of South Carolina Press, 2015.

Monte Harrell Hampton, Storm of Words:  Science, Religion, and Evolution in the Civil War Era, University of Alabama Press, 2014.


"Science and Religion, Southern Style" (Upcoming, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee)


  • Ph D in History of Religion, History of Science, History of the American South from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2004
  • M.A. in History of Science, Religion, and the American South from North Carolina State University, 1995
  • B. A. in Economics from University of South Florida, 1985