Dr. Dudley M. Marchi
Professor of Humanities



Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures


Withers Hall
Room 401

Office Hours

Email me to request a Zoom meeting - dmm@ncsu.edu.

The 1911 Building
Former Home of FLL
My 1911 Office - Room 111

Education - Ph.D. Columbia University, M. A. University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, B. A. University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Academic Interests - Masterpieces of Western Literature, French Art and Society, Second-Language Acquisition, French-American Relations.

Publications - Articles on literature and culture, books on Michel de Montaigne, French-American Relations, The FreNCh Heritage of North Carolina.

Current Research - From Stem to SteAm: Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, & Math / Teaching Paris Noir: The Harlem Renaissance in Paris.

Curriculum Vitae


FL 216/601 Art & Society in France [Fall 2021]

FLF 202 Intermediate French II [Fall 2021]


FL 216 / 001 Art & Society in France [Spring 2022]

FL 216 / 001 Art & Society in France [Maymester 2022]

FL 295 - Paris Noir: The Harlem Renaissance in Paris [Fall 2022]

FLF 492/592 - Seminar in French Studies [Spring 2021]

FLF 401 French for Reading & Translation [TBA]



Centennial History of FLL

FLL Interview

Editorial on Language

Montaigne & The New Millennium

Baudelaire & Emerson

Art & Society in France

Study Abroad to Paris & Lille

Study Abroad to Paris & Burgundy

Historical Tour of North Campus

Teaching Philosophy

Selected Original Poems

Montaigne's château and the tower in which he composed the Essais.
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