Dr Kim Ebert

Associate Professor

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Teaching and Research Interests

Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Political Sociology, Collective Action and Social Movements, Urban and Community


Virtual Conference - Racialization and Immigration

Funded Research

Ebert, Kim (PI), Emily Estrada (Co-PI), and Wenjie Liao (Co-PI). 2019-2021. National Science Foundation (NSF), Sociology Program. Title: Legitimating Strategies in Privatized Immigration Control. $119,056, Award #SES-1850712.


Selected examples:

Ideological Legitimacy, Color-blindness, and Racially Conservative Organizations

Apathy and Color-Blindness in Privatized Immigration Control

Examining the reach of colorblindness: ideological flexibility, frame alignment, and legitimacy among racially conservative and extremist organizations

Apathy and Antipathy: Media Coverage of Restrictive Immigration Legislation and the Maintenance of Symbolic Boundaries

Legitimating Contexts, Immigrant Power, and Exclusionary Activity

When Organizations Matter: Threatening Demographics, Supportive Politics, and Immigration Lawmaking

Anti-Immigrant Ordinances and Discrimination in New and Established Destinations

​​​​​​​Social Citizenship, Integration, and Collective Action: Immigrant Civic Engagement in the U.S.

¿El Campeón de Los Hispanos? Comparing the Coverage of Latino Collective Action in Spanish- and English-Language Newspapers

Beyond the Ballot: Immigrant Collective Action in Gateways and New Destinations