James Wils

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Teaching and Research Interests

James is interested in topics pertaining to public memory in early America, as well as those pertaining to early American military concepts and events. He specializes in the American Revolutionary era, though his interests extend backward into the Colonial Era and forward into the Early American Republic and the Antebellum South. 


"America's Wild Geese: The Irish in the Civil War," Working Papers in Irish Studies, Volume 10, Issue 1 (Rock Hill, SC: Winthrop University Press, 2010)

"The Allure of Privateering and the Competition for Manpower in the American Revolution," Nautical Research Journal, Volume 58, Issue 1 (Beaufort, NC: North Carolina Maritime Museum, 2013)


  • BS(P) in Public History from East Carolina University, 2008
  • MA in American Military History from East Carolina University, 2012