Dr Jesse Paul Crane-Seeber

Picture of Dr Jesse Paul Crane-Seeber

Teaching Assistant Professor


NC State University, 2014-present: Teaching Assistant Professor of Political Science

Teach four sections of ‘Introduction to Humanities and Social Sciences’ to 300+ incoming first year students every fall. Responsible for planning, coordinating, and helping to assess the course. Teach four courses in Political Science in the Spring. Supervise theses, offer independent studies, support the department. Advisor to three student clubs. Conduct, present, and publish research.

NC State University, 2013-14: Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar for Academic Affairs

Taught ‘Introduction to Humanities and Social Sciences for 300+ incoming first year students and two courses in Political Science. Conducted, presented, and published research.

NC State University, 2011-13: Postdoctoral Teaching Scholar for International Programs

Lived in international-themed student learning community, taught two sections of Introduction to International Studies and two courses in Political Science per year. Conducted, presented, and published research.

Bremen International Graduate School of Social Science - Bremen, Germany, 2009-11: Postdoctoral Fellow in “Global Integration,”

Supported PhD candidates in their research, attended and presented in research seminars, offered workshops for doctoral students, taught ‘Gender and Security.’ Conducted, presented, and published research.

Teaching and Research Interests


Critical security studies; Postcolonial, Feminist, and Queer social theory; feminist security studies; military masculinities; human evolution and feminist theory; militarization and sexuality 


Seminar in International Relations (IR theory), Gender and Security, International Security; Global Problems and Policies; Independent Studies, MA Capstone Seminar, MA thesis supervision, and short-session methodology and teaching workshops for doctoral students  


Introduction to Humanities and Social Sciences, World Politics, Introduction to Research [Methods] in International Relations, Gender and Security, Introduction to International Studies, Introduction to International Relations, Contemporary Global Problems, Independent studies on Postcolonial Theory, Queer Theory, & Feminism, as well as thesis supervision 



Crane-Seeber, J. (in-press, 2017) “Feminisms I’ve Known and Loved” Journal of Narrative Politics

Crane-Seeber, J. (2016) “Sexy Warriors: The Politics and Pleasures of Submission to the State” Critical Military Studies (2:1-2), pp. 41-55 [scheduled for republication in a Routledge edited volume in 2017]

Crane, B., Towne, A., and Crane-Seeber, J. (2013) “The Four boxes of Gendered Sexuality: A Framework and Lesson Plan for Teaching about the History and Effects of Gendered Sexuality.” American Journal of Sexuality Education. 8(4), 274-305 [selected as article of the year]

Crane-Seeber, J. and Crane, B. (2010). “Contesting Essentialist Theories of Patriarchal Relations:

an Antidotal History of Gender,” The Journal of Men’s Studies, 18:3, Fall, pp. 218-237    


Crane-Seeber J. (under review) “Everyday life, participant observation, and the bodies caught between wars on terror and drugs” Critical Security Studies

Crane-Seeber J. and Kirby, P. (2016) “The Feminist Manel: Notes toward an Ambiguous Utopia,” International Feminist Journal of Politics (18.3) (#allmalepanels, a collage)

Crane-Seeber J. and Crane, B. (2013) “What does evolution have to do with legal enclaves? A response to Hudson, et al,” Politics & Gender, 9:1 (Critical Perspectives Forum)

Crane-Seeber, J. (2011) “Everyday Counter Insurgency,” International Political Sociology, 5:4, pp. 450-53 (Part of the forum on ‘The International as an Everyday Practice’).


Crane-Seeber, J. (2013) “Seeing Others: Battlestar Galactica’s Portrayal of Insurgents at a Time of War,” in Battlestar Galactica and International Relations, edited by Nicholas J. Kiersey and Iver Neumann (New York: Routledge), ch. 10 pp. 184-205

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Crane, B. & Crane-Seeber, J. (2016). “Commentary: Gender, Sexuality, and Transformation: Making Historical Sense of Contemporary Public Health Dilemmas.” MOJ Public Health

Crane-Seeber J. (2012) “Learning about gender, war, and nationalism from movies,” Book Review of Gender, Nationalism, and War: Conflict on the Movie Screen by Matthew Evangelista, International Studies Review. 14, 625–627 (solicited book review)



Workshop: ‘Unpacking Consent: Making Sense of Sex, Violence, and Subjectivity’, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 8-9 June 2017

“Gender, War, and the Politics of Manhood: What feminist security studies can teach us about political violence” Triangle Institute for Security Studies: Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence- North Carolina Central University, August 25, 2016

“Teaching Outside the Tenure Track: Prospects for the future of the field and experience in two countries,” ISA South Professional Development Workshop, Charlotte, NC, October 18, 2013

“U.S. Relations with Authoritarian Regimes in the Mediterranean and Central Asia.” NCSU, Peace Lunch Forum, November 2, 2011 

“Multiple Masculinities in U.S. Military Culture.” Mershon Center for International Security Studies, Ohio State University, February 22, 2010. 


  • PhD in International Relations from American University
  • BA in Resisting Hegemony from Ithaca College