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Jeffrey Reaser is Professor of English at North Carolina State University where he coordinates the secondary English education program, the Linguistics minor, and serves as associate director of the Language and Life Project at NC State. He has worked extensively on formal and information education projects related to documenting, celebrating, and expanding knowledge of dialects and language variation, including the development and testing of the nation's first state-based dialect awareness program, Voices of North Carolina: Language and Life from the Atlantic to the Appalachians (Reaser and Wolfram 2007). He co-authored with Walt Wolfram the general audience book, Talkin' Tar Heel: How Our Voices Tell the Story of North Carolina (2014), which won the 2014 book award from the North Caroliniana Society. More recently, he has published Dialects at School: Educating Linguistically Diverse Students (2017), Language Variety in the New South: Contemporary Perspectives on Change and Variation (2018), and Critical Language Pedagogy: Interrogating Language, Dialects, and Power in Teacher Education (2018). He has published more than twenty research articles and book chapters and has given lectures at local, state, national, and international conferences. He was awarded the CHASS Outstanding Advisor Award in 2009, the CHASS Outstanding Teacher Award in 2010 at which time he was inducted into the Academy of Outstanding Teachers at NC State, and the CHASS Outstanding Undergraduate Professor Award in 2013. He is past chair of the Language in the School Curriculum Committee of the Linguistics Society of America and has served on the executive committees of the Southeastern Conference on Linguistics and the American Dialect Society. In 2016, he won the first Lifetime Mentoring Award given by the NCSU Undergraduate Research Student Advisory Council. He also serves as Associate Editor for teaching and pedagogy for American Speech.

Teaching and Research Interests

Expansion of the Voices of North Carolina curriculum in scope and distribution through a series of teacher workshops.

Developing psychometrically valid instruments for evaluating the language attitudes of students and teachers as well as the changes to these attitudes though education.

Funded Research

Language Variety in the South (LAVIS) IV Conference: The New South. National Science Foundation Award # 1451103. $32,180. 2015.

Preservice English Teachers’ Development of Sociolinguistic Knowledge for Literacy Instruction. Spencer Foundation. $40,000. 2013-2014

Voices of North Carolina in the Classroom: School/University Professional Development Initiative to Enhance Middle School Teachers’ Language and Literacy Instruction. March 2007-August 2008. $268,837. Sponsored by NC QUEST. 

Extension and Community Engagement

Associate producer of Talking Black in America, the first documentary-length film on the nations most controversial and misunderstood dialect.


Contributor to the Linguistics Society of America exhibit at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, April 25-27, 2014, in Washington, DC. (along with David Pippin, Dennis Preston, and Walt Wolfram).



Reaser, Jeffrey, Paula Dickerson Boddie, Walt Wolfram, DeAnna Locke, Chester Lynn, and Phillip Howard. 2011. Ocracoke Still Speaks: Reflections Past and Present. Oral history CD and book. A collaboration between the North Carolina Language and Life Project at NC State and the Ocracoke Preservation Society.


Reaser, Jeffrey, and Walt Wolfram. 2011. Voices of North Carolina: An Interactive Webinar for 8th Grade Social Studies Teachers. 3-part, 10-hour webinar. A partnership between the North Carolina Language and Life Project at NC State and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. http://ncsu.edu/linguistics/webinar.php


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Coordinator - Secondary English Education

Coordinator - Linguistics Minor

Associate Director - Langauge and Life Project at NC Stata


  • BA in English Education from NC State, 1999
  • MA in English (Linguistics) from NC State , 2001
  • PhD in English Linguistics from Duke, 2006