Jim Yocom

Picture of Jim Yocom

Senior Lecturer

  • Email: jeyocom@ncsu.edu
  • Address:
    1911 Bldg 305, Box 8107
    NCSU Campus
    Raleigh, NC 27695


I am an applied social scientist who helps organizations and the people serving them to ask and answer questions that make a difference. 

During graduate school and after graduating with my PhD in sociology, I assisted organizations to frame research questions, and collect and analyze data. 

As an attorney, my passion was helping nonprofits and small, community-oriented businesses organizations. Sometimes this was good legal engineering, pure and simple. But my academic background helped me offer scientifically informed advice. For example, in addition to viewing boards of directors as actors in a legal and regulatory framework, I might interpret board dynamics through the prisms of social traps, unacknowledged status dynamics, poorly designed incentive structures, or overconformity. Educating boards and crafting sensible (if occasionally novel) bylaws and policies could then serve legal compliance and address more fundamental problems. 

My mission as an NCSU lecturer is to use social science to prepare students for life in organizations fraught with uncertainty and human folly. 

Teaching and Research Interests

Research methods & statistics; microsociology and social psychology; attitudes; crime, law & deviance; organizations; health and mental illness; survey design and administration


  • PhD in Sociology from UW-Madison
  • MS in Sociology from UW-Madison
  • JD in Law from Lewis & Clark Law School
  • BS in Psychology from UW-Seattle
  • BA in Sociology from UW-Seattle