Jerrell D Coggburn

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JERRELL D. COGGBURN is a Professor and Chair of Public Administration in North Carolina State University’s School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA). His main research interests are in human resources management and public management. His research has been recognized with the 2010 Best Article Award from the American Review of Public Administration and the William and the 1998 William E. and Frederick C. Mosher Award for the best Public Administration Review article written by an academician. His research has appeared in Public Administration Review, Review of Public Personnel Administration, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, American Review of Public Administration, Public Performance &Management Review, International Journal of Public Administration, Public Administration Quarterly, and other scholarly outlets. Coggburn serves on the editorial boards of the Review of Public Personnel Administration and Public Personnel Management and the Executive Boards of the American Society for Public Administration’s Section on Personnel Administration and Labor Relations and the American Political Science Association’s Public Administration Section. Coggburn previously chaired SPIA’s Department of Public Administration (2007-11) and served as its director of graduate programs (2007-2009). From 1999-2007, he was a faculty member at The University of Texas at San Antonio where he was also MPA director (2001-2004) and department chair (2004-2007). Coggburn received the B.A. degree in political science from Oklahoma State University and the MPA and Ph.D. degrees from the University of South Carolina.

Courses Taught:

PA 510 PA Institutions and Values

PA 598 Strategic Planning

PA 798 PA Research Methods & Traditions

PA 810 PA Research Ethics and Professional Socialization