Social Science Computer Review

Volume 26, No. 2

Summer 2008


Table of Contents


Finding Online Sub-Cultures In Shared Meanings / Adam B. King


Framing the Internet: A Comparison of Gendered Spaces / Cindy Royal


Embedding the Internet in the Lives of College Students: Online and Offline Behavior / Christine L. Ogan, Muzaffer Ozakca, & Jacob Groshek


Perceived Authority and Communication Channel: Experiments with Instant Messaging / Mark Tremayne, Xin Chen, Nilo Figur, and J. Sonia Huang


Do Campaign Websites Really Matter in Electoral Civic Engagement? Empirical Evidence from the 2004 Post-election Internet Tracking Survey / Hun Myoung Park


Prenotification in Web-based Access Panel Surveys:  The Influence of Mobile Text Messaging versus E-Mail on Response Rates and Sample Composition / Michael Bosnjak, Wolfgang Neubarth, Mick P. Couper, Wolfgang Bandilla, & Lars Kaczmirek


Analysis of Kinship Relations with Pajek / Vladimir Batagelj & Andrej Mrvar



Reports and Communications


The Role of Internet Service Providers in Cases of Child Pornography and Child Prostitution / Kimberly A. McCabe



Book Reviews


Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide by Henry Jenkins / Reviewed by Andrew Ó. Baoill


Digital Era Governance – IT Corporations, the State and e-Government by P. Dunleavy, H. Margetts, S. Bastow, & J. Tinkler / Reviewed by Eur. N. Loukis


Dangerous Enthusiasms: E-government, Computer Failure and Information System Development  by Robin Gauld and Shaun Goldfinch / Reviewed by Anne-Marie Oostveen


The Wealth of Networks. How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom by Yochai Benkler / Reviewed by Robert A. Cropf


Nonprofits & Technology. Emerging Research for Usable Knowledge. Michael Cortés & Kevin M. Rafter, eds. / Reviewed by Irena Ograjenšek


Impact of E-commerce on Consumers and Small Firms. Salvatore Zappala & Colin Gray, eds. / Reviewed by Subhajit Basu


Cultures of Technology and the Quest for Innovation. Helga Nowotny, ed. / Reviewed by Meliha Handzic


Information and Communications for Development: Global Trends and Policies  by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, World Bank / Reviewed by Bantu L. Morolong