Social Science Computer Review

Volume 25, No. 3

Fall, 2007

Table of Contents

Using Spatial Analysis for Monitoring Fraud in a Public Delivery Program / Yushim Kim

Research Libraries: Connecting Users To Numeric and Spatial Resources / Terrence B. Bennett and Shawn W. Nicholson

Humor on the Next Frontier: Youth, Online Political Humor, and the JibJab Effect /

Jody C Baumgartner

Low Self-Control and Social Learning in Understanding Students' Intentions to Pirate Movies

in the United States / George E. Higgins, Brian D. Fell, and Abby L. Wilson 

Capacity Building and IT Diffusion: A Comparative Assessment of E-Government Environment in Africa / Kalu N. Kalu

Compensating for Low Topic Interest and Long Surveys: A Field Experiment on Nonresponse in Web Surveys / Bernd Marcus, Michael Bosnjak, Steffen Lindner, Stanislav Pilischenko, and Astrid Schütz

Reducing Nonresponse by SMS Reminders in Mail Surveys / Vesa Virtanen, Timo Sirkiä, and

Virve Jokiranta  

Reports and Communications


Using the Internet for Offline Relationship Formation / Bo Xie


Assessing Relationship Closeness On-Line: Moving from an Interval-Scaled to a Continuous Measure of Including of Others in the Self / Benjamin Le, William B. Moss, and Debra Mashek


How Demographic Characteristics Affect Mode Preference in a Postal/Web Mixed-mode Survey of Australian Researchers / Kieren Diment and Sam Garrett-Jones