Social Science Computer Review

Volume 25, Number 1

Spring,  2007



Internet Campaigning for Grassroots and Astroturf Support / Robert J. Klotz


Revolutionary Secrets: Technology's Role in the South African Anti-Apartheid Movement  / R. Kelly Garrett and Paul N. Edwards


Which Telework? Defining and Testing a Taxonomy of Technology-Mediated Work at a Distance / R. Kelly Garrett and James N. Danziger


Toward Next-Generation Simulation-Based Computational Tools For Conflict And Peace Studies / Levent Yilmaz


Creative Uses of Software Errors: Glitches and Cheats / Wilma Alice Bainbridge and William Sims Bainbridge


Viruses, Worms, And Trojan Horses: Serious Crimes, Nuisance, Or Both? / Lorine A. Hughes and Gregory J. Delone


Lotteries as Incentives in Longitudinal Web Studies / Anja S. Göritz and Hans-Georg Wolff


Drop Downs and Scroll Mice: The Effect of Response Option Format and Input Mechanism Employed on Data Quality in Web Surveys / Benjamin Healey



Book Review


Internet politics.  Andrew Chadwick / Reviewed by Carl Grafton