Social Science Computer Review

Volume 24, Number 4

Winter, 2006




Online Interactions and Social Capital: Distinguishing Between New and Existing Ties / Samuel J. Best and Brian S. Krueger           


A Comparison of Agent-Based Models of Income Tax Evasion / Kim M. Bloomquist


Online Art Auctions B la Française and B l’Américaine: eBay France and eBay USA / Laura Robinson                          



Online Survey Research


Cash Lotteries as Incentives in Online Panels / Anja S. Göritz


An Evaluation of Nonresponse and Coverage Errors in a Pre-recruited Probability Web Survey / Sunghee Lee


The Effects of Data Collection Mode and Disclosure on Adolescent Reporting of Health Behavior / Timothy J. Beebe, Patricia A. Harrison, Eunkyung Park, James A. McRae, and James Evans


Reports and Communications               


Securing the Virtual State: Recent Developments in Privacy and Security / G. David Garson


A Disappearing Digital Divide Among College Students? Peeling Away the Layers of the Digital Divide / Shelia R. Cotten and Shameeka M. Jelenewicz


Online Behaviors Affected by Spam / Galen A. Grimes


Social Interaction with Computers: An Interpretation of Weizenbaum’s ELIZA and Her Heritage / Hans Pruijt