Social Science Computer Review

Volume 24, Number 2

Summer 2006

Table of Contents

Symposium on the History of CITASA, 1988 - 2005: From Microcomputers to Communication and Information Technologies.


Sociologists Engaging with Computers / Barry Wellman


CITASA - The Early Years / Ronald E. Anderson


Communication and Information Technologies: A History of the Middle Years / Grant Blank


CITASA - The Contemporary Picture / David Elesh and George Dowdall

Non-Symposium Articles 


Profiling the Adopters of e-Government Information and Services: The Influence of Psychological Characteristics, Civic Mindedness, and Information Channels / Daniela V. Dimitova and Yu-Che Chen


Dynamics of Internet Dating / Helene M. Lawson and Kira Leck


Simulation of Natural and Social Process Interactions: An Example from Bronze Age Mesopotamia / John H. Christiansen and Mark Altaweel


            Evaluating the Effectiveness of Visual Analog Scales: A Web Experiment / Mick Couper, Eleanor Singer, Roger Tourangeau, and Frederick G. Conrad

Reports and Communications 


Web-Based Questionnaires and the Mode Effect: An Evaluation Based on Completion Rates and Data Contents of Near-Identical Questionnaires Delivered in Different Modes / Martyn Denscombe


Development of Online Suites of Social-Science Based Resources for Health Researchers and Practitioners / Josefina J. Card and Tamara Kuhn