Social Science Computer Review

Volume 23, No. 4

Winter, 2005

Symposium Issue: Patriotic Information Systems 


Patriotic Information Systems: Evaluating Bush Administration Information Policy / G. David Garson


Fool's Gold in the Nation's Data-Mining Programs / Walter M. Brasch


Less Safe - the Dismantling of Public Information Systems After Sept. 11 / Harry Hammitt


Government Surveillance and Political Participation on the Internet / Brian S. Krueger


The Expansion of Privacy Rationales Under the Federal Freedom of Information Act: The War on Terror, Detainee Information and the Power of Stigmatization / Charles Davis


Security, Sovereignty and Continental Interoperability: Canada's Elusive Balance / Jeffrey Roy


Information Technology and Surveillance: Implications for Public Administration in a New World Order / Akhlaque Haque

Non-Symposium Article


Technology Trends in Survey Data Collection / Mick P. Couper

Reports and Communications


Follow the money: Assessing the Allocation of e-Rate Funds / Costas Panagopoulos

Book Review


Digitizing the News : Innovation in Online Newspapers, by Pablo J. Boczkowski / Reviewed by Dilyana Mincheva