Social Science Computer Review

Volume 22, No. 4

Winter, 2004

Table of Contents

Symposium on Technology and the Challenge of Excellence in Economics Instruction


Technology and the Challenge of Excellence / Betty Blecha


What have We Learned from Fifteen Years of Supporting the Development of Innovative Teaching Technology? / Myles Boylan


A Review of the Use of Simulations in Teaching Economics / Tod S. Porter, Teresa M. Riley, and Rochelle L. Ruffer


Using Just-in-Time Teaching Techniques in the Principles of Economics Course / Mark Maier and Scott Simkins


The Panel Study of Income Dynamics On-line -- an Instructional Resource / Ngina S. Chiteji and Frank P. Stafford


            Using Technology to Facilitate Active Learning in Economics through Experiments / Sheryl B. Ball and Catherine Eckel


Student Preferences in Using Online Learning Resources / Byron W. Brown and Carl E. Liedholm


The Internet and the American Economic Association - A Set of Proposals / William L. Goffe


PostScript Drawing: An Economist’s Guide / Alan G. Isaac

Book Reviews 


Culture and Technology, by Andrew Murphie and John Potts / Reviewed by Gene Diaz


Prefiguring Cyberculture: An Intellectual History, by Darren Tofts, Annemarie Jonson, and Alessio Cavallaro, eds. Democracy in the Information Age, by Elaine Ciulla Kamarck and Joseph S. Nye, eds. / Reviewed by G. David Garson