Social Science Computer Review

Volume 22, No. 3

August, 2004

Table of Contents


E-commerce and Financial Management in State Governments: Issues, Trends, and Development / Christopher G. Reddick


The Data Documentation Initiative: The Value and Significance of a Worldwide Standard / Grant Blank and Karsten Boye Rasmussen


The Feasibility of Computer-Assisted Survey Interviewing in Africa: Experience from Two Rural Districts in Kenya / Paul C. Hewett, Annabel S. Erulkar, and Barbara S. Mensch

Reports and Communications A Proposal to Enhance Policy E-Participation / Bruce Tonn


            Internet Use in the State Legislature: A Research Note / Christopher A. Cooper 


The Effects of Cash, Electronic, and Paper Gift Certificates as Respondent Incentives for a Web-Based Survey of Technologically Sophisticated Respondents / Jeremy Birnholtz, Daniel Horn, Thomas A. Finholt, Sung Joo Bae


Instrument Effects of Images in Web Surveys: A Research Note / Alex R. Trouteaud


Email Contacts: A Test of Complex Graphical Designs in Survey Research / Michael E. Whitcomb and Stephen R. Porter


Effects of Immediate versus Delayed Notification of Prize Draw Results on Response Behavior in Web Surveys: An Experiment / Tracy L. Tuten. Mirta Galesic, and Michael Bosnjak


How You Ask Counts: A Test of Internet-Related Components of Response Rates to a Web-Based Survey / Alex Trouteaud

Book Reviews 


Gender and Computers: Understanding the Digital Divide, by Joel Cooper and Kimberlee D. Weaver / Reviewed by Nathalia Rogers


Selective Incapacitation and Public Policy -Evaluating California’s Imprisonment Crisis, by Kathleen Auerhahn / Reviewed by Ronald E. Anderson


Capturing Campaign Dynamics: The National Annenberg Election Survey, by Daniel Romer, Kate Kenski, Paul Waldman, Christopher Adasiewicz, and Kathleen Hall Jamieson / Reviewed by G. David Garson